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Privacy provided by a partition or doors is necessary at some point, even in the most open plan premises and designed buildings. Windows are a good way to continue to let light flow, making us feel more at one with the out of door surroundings and landscapes. Traditionally though, doors have always been primarily seen as shutting out the exterior and keeping the contents of ta building or room to itself. But, with our glass entrance doors for residential properties and commercial automatic sliding glass door options, doors can have all the advantages of a windows, while retaining all of the functionality of a front or interior doorway.

Our automatic sliding glass doors provide functionality as well as style. While the commercial world is often home to a thoroughfare of comings and goings, whether fetching files from one part of a building to another, accepting or making deliveries, making our way around the office, restaurant, shop or showrooms, there’s no doubt that we often have our hands full. An automatic sliding door, reduces the strain added to the work effort and force, by opening before you and therefore making the work place safer in general. The automatic glass door can help with product display and advertising in much the same way a window display attracts the attention of the public. Also, a commercial automatic sliding glass door can make a client or customer feel welcomed and invited into a shop premises as they pass by, making it more likely they will step inside and see what the shop or store offers them.

Glass Interiors provide sliding or pivoting glass door solutions with space saving mechanics that can be easily installed in a shop, office building or residential premises. As well as our frameless glass doors we also offer them with aluminium framing. Please get in touch for more information.

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