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From a high street grocer's shop to the showroom of a multinational company, the purpose of a shop window is to present your products in the best possible way to potential customers. The surroundings, the architecture of the building, and the windows themselves should in no way detract or distract from the products on display. Our shop front glazing systems are tasteful and unobtrusive in order to direct maximum attention to your window display.

Aluminium Shop Front Systems

Aluminium shop front systems are low maintenance and simple to repair if damaged. That’s why most shop front glass systems and shop front glass doors use aluminium frames. We realise that using inferior materials is false economy, that's why all our products make use of the highest quality components from British suppliers.

Shop Front Doors

Using the front windows of a shop to display products is a practice which has gone on for centuries, but why stop there? With the attractive and practical glass products now available, it's possible to use glass office doors, shop front doors and even shop front walls to increase your available display area many fold. If the customers can see it, you can advertise on it – don’t miss any opportunity to get your message across.

Seeing the Light

Possibly the biggest difference you will notice after replacing your shop front doors and walls with one of our bespoke shop front glazing systems is the way natural light brings the space to life. Even the brightest artificial lights can only reach so far, and the effect they produce is cold and stark compared to the almost tactile glow of natural sunlight, even when such is diffused by clouds. Create a pleasant atmosphere for your customers and staff with shop front glass systems from Glass Interiors.

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System Features
  • System
    The most comprehensive certified system on the market today – panic, mechanical and electro mechanical locking
  • Glazing
    Accepts 24mm – 31mm double or triple glazing
  • Finish
    Available in a range of RAL colours and anodised finishes